The problem

Graffiti is considered by some to be an expressive art form, in the right place it can look amazing. Sadly it often appears in unwanted locations and takes on a less attractive reputation. It does not seem to matter if you live in the City, Town or Country to be affected by Graffiti. It is considered to be a crime as well as blighting our Environment. Mint work closely with Local Authorities, Businesses and Homeowners to identify, remove and prevent Graffiti.


The good news is that most Graffiti can be removed and the original surface which was affected, returned to it's former glory. In some cases it may be necessary to over-paint the Graffiti rather than remove it, if the base material is unable to be cleaned. Our expert mobile teams can be deployed at short notice to survey your site initially and provide a free of charge quotation.


We are highly experienced in partnership working with the Police and Environmental Enforcement teams, we use digital photography and GPS technology to gather evidence and identify patterns which have led to several successful prosecutions. Often the removal of Graffiti can be viewed as creating a blank canvas for the crime to be repeated, we can provide a range of colour co-ordinated preventative coatings which can ensure future removal is hassle free and help keep cost reduced to a minimum.