Street Cleansing


Mint use a range of Mechanical Sweepers to provide high standards of Street Cleansing in some of the most challenging urban areas of our Capital City. From large lorry mounted vehicles used to keep the gutter lines clear of detritus on main roads, right down to sub-compact sweepers which can mount the pavements or safely navigate shopping precincts to efficiently keep them clear of litter.


Our dedicated team of barrow sweepers operate across the Capital and surrounding areas to sweep the pavements, keep them free of litter and ensure dustbins are emptied on a regular basis. They work closely with local residents to reduce Litter, report Fly-Tipping and protect the Environment whatever the weather.


If you require your local Streets, Business premises or landscape to be kept clean and well maintained by our professional team, Mint can provide one-off as well as short and long term Contract arrangements to suit your needs. If appropriate existing equipment and staff may be able to transfer with the Contract, please contact us for further details.